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So I started with the Japanese Egg Salad sandwich, well from that first recipe I was prompted by YouTube to see other types of sandwiches you can make which in Asia is considered street food you can buy in small kiosk or in the large kiosk in all train stations for a snack on board a train. What is interesting about train stations in Japan is the variety of the food offer and the quality, something you simply do not see in Canada. There are lots of very interesting recipes on YouTube and none are difficult to make.

Sometimes they will use some ingredients like sprinkling sugar and then using ketchup and mayo as part of dressing up your sandwich. Some combinations may appear strange to Western taste but it is worth a try, I know Foodies will understand that.


The three ingredients for this ice cream recipe, the custard, the whiskey and the roasted bread. All this will go into our ice cream machine and then into the deep freeze. 

Today Chef Will, who has always been good in the kitchen and has an aversion to boiled potatoes, decided to make Irish brown Bread Ice Cream, for this recipe you need a good 12 year old Irish Whiskey, we have a bottle of Yellow Spot, single pot still, aged in three casks, Bourbon, Sherry and Malaga. I know Dr Spo of the No Rubbish school would approve. What got Will to make this type of ice cream is his recent purchase of a previously admired Ice cream machine by Cuisinart. Three days ago he made fresh pistacchio ice cream. Yes pistacchio has 2 C. in the word, pronounced Pis Tak Kio. I know you may wonder, Brown bread ice cream?!? really? Yes really, will let you know how it all turns out.


He also made with left over egg whites some Amaretti cookies to have with our Espresso. For those who might be interested, we use Lavazza ground coffee.


So has promised, here it is very good ice cream, it does have that taste of Irish Whiskey and a crunch to it due to the roasted bread. This is a recipe Will found on a YouTube site which specialize in recipes of the 1930’s in Canada.  If anyone is interested, let me know and I will post the link to this YouTube Channel. The host and his wife are charming and will be honest, if after making a recipe it is not good or they do not like it, they will tell you. Not every recipe can be a winner.