Strange to think that today is 1 September 2020, where did Summer go. This very unusual year full of conflicts and social unrest, arguments about issues and the growing division of society has been exhausting. We had a wonderful time at French River in July and hope to return next Summer probably for 2 weeks this time around.

What I did not miss this Summer were the tourists and the cruise ships. The loud music festival in the park, the amount of traffic on the streets.  With a lack of tourists, the amount of garbage processed by the IWM company was reduced by 30%.

What I did miss was seeing friends and having to cancel visits by friends from abroad, not being able to have family visit and the still hanging over our head uncertainty of what might happen. Though is the rest of mainland Canada is still struggling with Covid 19 in some provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, we in the Maritimes are doing pretty well. PEI at the moment and for some time now has NO cases. We only had so far 44 cases total, no hospitalizations and no deaths, all cases were self-isolating at home and the Health Dept was checking on them daily. So this means that rules have been relaxed even more and life appears to return to normal though nearly everyone wears a mask now. Stores made it mandatory and people are observing rules. We have been spared the Covidiots and their protests seen in Quebec and Ontario. We are pretty damn lucky.