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This week we are travelling to Fredericton, the Capital of the Province of New Brunswick. It is about 4 hours away from Charlottetown, PEI. The Maritimes has a strong connection to Germany with nameplace and New England with the arrival of thousands of Loyalists who fled the civil war and revolution in 1776. Fredericton has a population of 60,000 people, it is the seat of the Legislature and of the Lieutenant Governor. It started as a garrison town, first under the French regime and then under the British.p

Fredericton is name for:

Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany KG GCB GCH (Frederick Augustus; 16 August 1763 – 5 January 1827) was the second son of George III , King of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Hanover, and his consort Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. A soldier by profession, from 1764 to 1803 he was Prince-Bishop of Osnabruck (near Munster) in the Holy Roman Empire. From the death of his father in 1820 until his own death in 1827 he was the Heir Presumptive to his elder brother, George IV, in both the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Kingdom of Hanover.

Frederick was thrust into the British Army at a very early age and was appointed to high command at the age of thirty. As Commander-in-Chief during the Napoleonic Wars, he oversaw the re-organisation of the British Army, establishing vital structural, administrative and recruiting reforms.

At one time prior to 1784, Nova Scotia comprised PEI and New Brunswick. It was one large British colony in Atlantic Canada. The territory was carved up later for administrative reasons. New Brunswick became a colony in 1784 and later a Province of Canada in 1867.

The name of the Province New Brunswick was given in 1784 to the territory in honour of King George III who was also Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg in Lower Saxony in Germany. The population of the Province is 780,000.

New Brunswick is often thought of as a place you drive through on your way to somewhere else. It borders Maine, Nova Scotia, Quebec and PEI. The original inhabitants where the Mi’k Maq and as of 1604 the French settlers arrived known as Acadians. Today New Brunswick is the only Official Bilingual (French-English) Province in Canada. The Acadians represent one third of the population. Two families dominate and control the economy, the Irvings and the McCains. The first time I drove through the province in 2016, I was coming from Ottawa, following the highway I arrived at Edmundston and started seeing on the highway signs warning of Moose crossing and giving a phone number to call if you saw any Moose on the highway. High fences were also placed on the side of the road to keep the Moose off the road. It is always better to drive in N.B. in daytime and avoid driving around sunset and at night, a crash with a moose is usually deadly.

Fredericton is known for many things, but one is the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, created by Max Aitken Lord Beaverbrook, a businessman from New Brunswick who became a close confident of Winston Churchill and owner of a chain of British newspapers. He was very influential in Britain and Canada and because of his humble origins and his willy ways was detested by some Courtiers at Buckingham Palace and some in the Government establishment. In Canada Beaverbrook is sort of a legend and so is his wife who outlived him and was every inch the Upper class doyenne. There are lots of stories about her and how people knew how demanding she could be, but Lady Beaverbrook was tenacious.

New Brunswick is also known for its good restaurants and markets, scenic spots and beautiful national parks and the famous tides of the Bay of Fundy.

So a few days in Fredericton and surrounding area to see something new.