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Well according to our local weather guy, who by the way is always wrong about the weather, we were promised a Tsunami-Hurricane Weather bomb with this Teddy thing, what was it again? Oh yes some rain and a little wind. Not impressed with CBC PEI weather Jay Scotland.

Tomorrow I give a short talk on Canada’s role in the Middle East and specifically on Palestine and Israel. I did spend 8 years in the region and worked on those issues so … I will give them an historical perspective starting with Moses and the Promise Land to today, sort of a world wind tour of the situation and how Canada is saving the day.

I like a lot of people have been suffering from anxiety and sleeping poorly, this Covid thingy is not helping at all, I have suffered from anxiety all my life but I just find now that with age it is getting worse. My doctor is going to recommend some medication to help alleviate the symtoms.

I am going on a diet because this idleness is not helping my waist line and Mr Will is a very good cook and he has been baking and cooking days on end. I will have to bring out my Italian diet that I followed successfully in Rome. Not difficult to follow simply requires some discipline on portions and some exercise, no I do not have to join a gym.

I wonder did I buy to many pumpkins for this year’s Oktoberfest? I was just going to buy one or two for the porch, I may have gotten over zealous in my shopping.