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I cannot say that I stay home and eat Bonbons like another blogger friend of mine in AZ. My days are filled with incidents. Today I had the car detailed inside and out. The shop who did it are on Mount Edward near Sherwood Drive, South end of the city. I first saw their ad on Instagram, they are called SUDS. I wanted to have the car thoroughly cleaned for some time though as it was pointed out to me at the shop, your car is fairly clean, nonetheless they did a beautiful job, it looks brand new.

It was a heavy rain day today but it was all over by 4pm when I returned to pick up the car. Happy I did it.

I am still looking for someone to clean my oriental rugs, found a shop in Halifax who can do it, though this means I would have to travel to Halifax 3 hours away by car. It would take about 8 weeks to clean them and they send them to Toronto some 1500km away for the job. The pandemic is still on and the province next door, New Brunswick has seen many new cases in the last week. It is strongly advised NOT to go to Moncton and avoid anywhere near the Quebec border area. However if I drive to Nova Scotia once I am off the bridge I turn left and avoid all of it. I could technically drive back from Halifax same day though it is a lot of driving for one day.

Winter is coming and already we are starting to have wild storms with high winds, meaning that the bridge is closed during the storm, you really do not want to drive over to the mainland with winds howling at 80 + Km per hour, its white knuckle driving. The ferries stop their crossings in a storm and in Winter. So I will have to think about the logistics of it all.

Tomorrow I have a vernissage of a good friend of ours Don Andrus who has a new show on Grafton Street. Then I have to return to the printer to look at proofs for a printing job and then a meeting in the afternoon with the new Club President.

Every day seems to be loaded with stuff, some of it is mundane, like shopping or taking care of our puppies which demands a lot of time and commitment.