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For the last 40 years our friend John H. sends us one of his famous home made fruit cake. He makes usually a dark and a light version in both cases they are soaking in Brandy keeping the cakes very moist. It is by far the best fruit cake I have ever had. No one else I know makes such a delicious cake. He does make quite a few because he gives them as gifts. We always had a fruit cake at home from John even in my far away postings.

Tonight for dessert I opened the cake he gave me, I believe it was made about 18 months ago. The cake as aged and it is the richer tasting fot it. It had a heavy smell of Brandy and all the fruits in it where sweet and juicy.

Absolutely delicious fruit cake, it won’t last long.

I mentioned previously that in years past we sent electronic Xmas cards but this year we decided to send paper ones. Now the work is to get all the addresses, I may have to go get more cards. Trying to complete the job in the next few days only 23 days before Christmas now.

The big news today in Canada from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health is that the Government has bought about 9 doses of the anti-Covid19 vaccine from 4 companies for each Canadian. There are 38 million Canadians this means we have 342 million doses total. The problem in Canada is logistics given are huge geographic area and 6 time zones, a lot of logistics will be required. But it looks like we are in the home stretch now.