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This week I got a letter from the Federal Government in Ottawa. The letter is standard and it is telling me that next year I will 65 and now is time to prepare for some changes in my pension and plan accordingly. I retired some years ago after 34 years of service on full pension. At 65 which is the retirement age for Canada Pension Plan (CPP), you can apply to receive CPP, it’s a top up to any other pension you receive. Since every one who works must contribute to CPP during their working life, this is a monthly payment for your golden years. It is interesting to note in the letter how precise the calculations are and what I am entitled too. This information comes from years of paying income tax, so no great mystery.

Upon reading the letter, I thought I am getting on in years, this confirms it, time is moving on, the sunset is coming. But at the same time this is life and I am not the only one at this stage of life.

In the meantime it has been confirmed in PEI, that the vaccine will be here on Wednesday next and front line workers will be the first to get it, then people in seniors home. Everyone will receive the vaccine but you can refuse to be inoculated. However it may impede your ability to travel and your employer may insist you get it, though in Law under the Charter they cannot compel you. The vaccine is FREE for all.

This to me means that 2021 will be a much better year, though we have been told that you will still be expected to wear your mask until we get the all clear from the Health Authorities.

Also today our Chief Medical Officer confirmed that no new cases for the fourth straight day. If this continues the LockDown measures can be partially lifted. Of the 3000 persons tested in the last few days all are negative, a further 1300 are waiting results. But it is looking good for PEI.

So far PEI has tested 52% of the population of 150,000 on the Island, a huge number of people. Young people have been asked to get tested and they have done so in droves.

What will we talk about once Covid 19 recedes into the background. One thing will be to re-establish friendship with people we have not seen in a year. Get the social calendar going again and ultimately travel to those place we wish to go and had to postpone. We have agreed with our friends in AZ to travel to Iceland as a celebration.

taken in Italy in 2011 on a sunny Day in the park of a beautiful palace.