We are now in Mid-January and life goes on, one year after first hearing about the virus which would change our lives in many ways. What I have come to appreciate is how lucky we are to be on this Island in the Gulf of St-Lawrence. We have been spared the horrors of the virus, our hospital has no patients, no one died in the last year of the virus, no one has been hospitalized, no senior residence or its residents have been infected, truly remarkable. Our Provincial Government has left the Chief Medical Officer run the show and followed her advice. Now as of yesterday all seniors in care homes on the Island have receive their vaccine and all front line workers in the health field and first responders have also been inoculated. People know when their turn will come for a shot and people just can’t wait for it. There is social cohesion, because of our small population, people are more careful, yes some were nay sayers but they are a small number of no consequence, ignorance seems to be the basis of their comments.

Winter so far has been either Spring like or mild, not much snow and in the last 10 days many grey days with low clouds and the wind, of course.

When I started writing this post it was before the Inauguration of Joe R. Biden, now President and VP Kamala Harris who has school and life links to Montreal, my home town. So far so good, and I feel optimistic about the future despite the many challenges. This new presidency will be good for Canada despite the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline which was not needed anyway. A return to the Climate Change agenda will also help everyone.

So it’s all good. Be Happy don’t worry!