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This first part was written on 3 February it was completed on 7 February.

The weather person was not wrong for once, we had the first major snow storm of the Winter, what we usually get in early November happened on 2 February, it was heavy snow, followed by ice pellets, lots of rain and high winds between 80 to 120 km per hour. The sea bridge is closed because of the wind, I am not brave enough to drive on a bridge for 10 minutes when the wind is blowing at such speed.

My poor Nicky was not feeling well this morning, stomach problems, he probably ate something outside which made him sick, his stomach was growling something fierce and he was off food. He only wanted to sleep next to me on the sofa, all snuggled up, so that is what we did.

On a day like today, everything is closed, no schools, no shops, no government, it’s too miserable to go anywhere. Tonight it all looks wet and icy only hoping it does not freeze over because it will be miserable. Mind you I have no where to go.

In other news the groundhog did not see its shadow so it is going to be an early Spring. I am inclined to believe it given how abnormally mild the Winter has been so far. Gives the lie to the Farmer’s Almanac who had predicted a long harsh Winter with record snow fall, well the old farmer missed the mark.

Monday 8 February another snow storm but what came from the previous storm on 2 February all melted away. This means that Monday is going to be a snow day, all will be closed again. Will see if the mild weather will once again melt it all away but at this point Winter is well advanced and Spring is close.

We learned this week that there will be NO cruise ships in Canadian waters in 2021. The Government of Canada is keeping all ports closed until March 2022. I really don’t mind it just means a quiet Summer.

Today the Government of PEI authorized pharmacists to give the vaccines in house. So with the doctors at their Office and Hospital and walk-in clinics it will be very easy to get the vaccine. But when I look at the other Provinces outside of the Maritimes, I am shocked by the gross incompetence of politicians and their lack of clear thinking and constant flip-flopping on what to do and on the other hand the selfishness of people, the me first attitude seems to be the rule. We still have a year to go at least with this pandemic. I know we will not go back to normal or like in the good old days before March 2020, but hopefully the worst will be over soon.

In PEI the good news is vaccination is going well. In Canada over 1 million people have now received their vaccines. It is all looking good.

The look on 2 February 2021 after the first snowstorm of the Season.

This morning 7 February 2021, what will it be like tomorrow after the promised storm.