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This is a long weekend in PEI and in other parts of Canada, many provinces celebrate a provincial holiday, here it is Islander Day which is a fairly new holiday. Monday is also Canadian Flag National Proclamation Day, referring to the 15 February 1965 when the Maple Leaf Flag became the National Flag of Canada some 56 years ago. Prior to that date we had a Red Ensign Flag which was regarded as a colonial flag and since we were no longer a colony since 1867, we needed a distinct national flag. It took 3 years of debate in Parliament in Ottawa to get it done but it finally happened.

Today is Valentine’s Day and as Will says for a guy who was beaten to death and thrown in a ditch for being a Christian, he does not see the connection to love. I prefer the story of Psyche and Cupid much nicer and more connected to love. Their story is complicated, Cupid is the son of Venus who is jealous of the beauty of Psyche. In the end, Jupiter bestows upon Psyche immortality and she marries Cupid, now that is a nice story much better than that Valentine guy.

painting by Jacques Louis David.

Will made a beautiful Orange zest and brown butter cake. I gave him a dozen pale orange roses. We are heaving roast beef for dinner with roasted vegetables and a bottle of bubbly.

Of course the little ones, Nicky and Nora will get a bit of roast beef because you know they are so mistreated, or so they say to anyone who will listen.