Yesterday I wrote about Arlecchino and described him or what he represents in theatre, Monsieur Will who quite seriously, is someone who knows his stuff when it comes to matters of Opera or Theatre pointed out I got it all wrong.

Arlecchino, is the trickster, a source of joy and merry making in the Commedia dell’Arte. The picture showing him in a cell is a representation that Lent is not for merry making or laughter, more a period for reflection, contemplation and meditation. The Christian Faith sees this period as one where a more serious approach to existence and salvation it taken. So Arlecchino is in a prison cell and the only source of hope for him, the painter represents him as us all, frivolous and vain, is the shining Sun light coming in from the barred window.

Well we survived the storm of snow and icy rain, no high winds this time. The car was covered in a layer of snow which I did not remove, then the ice rain came on top, result this morning when I went to clean the car it was quite easy, the cookie hard surface simply broke off and slid off the car, no scrapping ice off which is the second most popular sport in Canada in Winter. In fact it is more popular than Hockey, a little known fact.