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In about one month it will be my Birthday and this year is a significant one, for I become in government and society speak a ”Senior”, entitled now to all manners of attention.

So it seems that my computer and whoever controls the internet and all manner of surveillance we fall under, Hello Alexa, that as a senior I should buy myself a new car. Apparently seniors drive big gas guzzlers or at least flashy luxury cars.

I kidd you not, I am receiving out of the blue solicitations from Rolls Royce Phantom 2021 at $463,000 CDN, Mercedes Benz/Maybach S-650 at $202,500. USD and BMW 7 series at $128,000 CDN or a Bentley Continental GT at $202 000. a convertible would be nice for the Island going to the beach, that sort of thing.

I wonder if I can buy one in 36 payments with zero interest financing? Apparently yes! Thing is most of those cars really require a chauffeur. But why would a senior require such a car, the marketing here to my age group is interesting. At any rate the roads in PEI are either unpaved dirt or paved but… so I would not trust driving around with such a car, still it is a nice idea.

Two cakes have been ordered for two different days of celebration and a third day celebration of drinks at the Club.

I have a nice cake maker who produces great cakes, she has a lot of talent, she can make for me any cake I order and they are so good.

To return to the Internet and how sometime you mention some topic or article and suddenly it appears, back in 1973 as I was finishing high school, we had a teacher who would often go on about the future and how the theory of big brother was not so farfetched, of course we did not believe him, did not seem plausible to us know it all at 17. It was a time before the IT age and social media, all that was going to happen 20 yrs later. However have to admit the man was right after all.