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During this year long pandemic and counting, we have stayed home a lot and have not travelled anywhere. We also skipped the take out and other food plans. In our household known as the Dachshund House on the River, I do the grocery shopping and Mr Will cooks and bakes.

The other night we had Halibut, my favourite fish. It is in fact a very big fish. Growing to more than 2.5 m in length and exceeding 300 kg in weight, Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) is the largest, most widely-ranging and commercially-valuable ground fish in the Atlantic Ocean. Their geographic range in the Northwest Atlantic extends from the coast of Virginia in the south to the waters off Disko Bay, Greenland in the north.

We had 2 pieces and Will made a wonderful rice with vegetables. It was however too much and we had some leftover. So Will proposed an old recipe developed for Breakfast in India under the Raj and called by the British, Kedgeree, the Hindi call it Khichri .

Will found the recipe at the Ritz in London, as part of their breakfast menu, it was invented around 1885 as part of what was called the Reformed cookery of British-Indian exiles. It consist of a hotchpotch of boiled rice, cold minced fish, hard boiled eggs chopped, a lump of butter, all tossed together in a frying pan and served hot with herbs from the garden like crest and parsley for garnish. At the Ritz, the chef added a mild Madras curry and a mango chutney, mixing in a small sliced onion, 1 zucchini small, one sliced green pepper small.

I had the simpler version and it was good, I am sure that with the mild curry it would be very good and all for a different kind of breakfast.