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For some months now I have been getting notices, almost daily from new followers, I have no idea who these people are, mostly commercial sites, never comment. I just find this odd, I wonder if anyone else has this happening to them on their blog.

I did not watch the Meghan show on Oprah last night, we were having friends for dinner and a lovely dinner it was. I have heard a lot of misinformed and uninformed comments about this pity party of an interview. What I take of it, Harry is really dumb, immature and easily manipulated. Meghan is a good actress and manipulative, if she did not realize or understand what she was getting into after being with Harry for one year, she was also very dumb or unaware. However the reality is different, Meghan wanted more based on her misconception of what life in the Royal Family is really like, forgetting that it is all about rank, tradition, protocol and duty, it’s not Netflix.

An example, Meghan said that Archie would not be a Prince, forgetting to mention that in October 1917, King George V set the rules on who can have the style and dignity of Prince of Great Britain. Archie can be an Earl but not a Prince. As for the security for Archie, in Britain they lived in at Kensington Palace or at Windsor on palace grounds and security is present 24/7. Nothing would be allowed to happen to him. What she really meant by security, was make the press shut up or only report nice things. In fact she has received while in Britain a lot of security and support from the Palace staff who did all they could to stifle stories of her and Harry’s behaviour at private parties.

Luckily for Meghan she had the good sense not to attack or defame the Sovereign or Prince Philip, that would have been a terrible mistake and would have prevented her from ever returning to Britain. They will have to return for family occasions like the 70 year Jubilee of the Queen in June 2022. Or if there is a death in the family for the State Funeral or the Coronation of Charles in due course. However Harry made clear that he is in open conflict with his father, the future King, Harry may live to regret this move. Obviously his brother William was right, Harry was going to fast with that girl.

The Monarchy and the Royal Family will survive Meghan, she is nothing more than a storm in a small glass of water. Even Oprah realizes how dangerous this interview in its aftermath may be for her and others like Meghan, no one attacks the Crown with impunity. Oh and they will be having a child this Summer, well guess what, they will probably name her Diana. LOL!!!