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Well Spring arrived on time and suddenly the temperature shoots up and it’s sunny, snow is melting very quickly, the little there is and people are happy.

But what is really here is my Birthday, on Wednesday I turn 65 Officially, no trooping of the colours for me but 2 cakes for 2 separate parties with two groups of friends. One more cake for Friday at the Club during Happy Hour. The Weather this week, sunny all week with average temp of 12 C. The cakes are made to order by a pastry chef who makes any type of cake to order. I have ordered from her and everyone raves about them.

Sicilian Whole Orange Cake with (not shown on this photo) a Grand Marnier Cream Icing.

The other cake will be an Espresso Moka Cake. As for the third cake at the Club I have not decided yet.

But these parties are a surprise for me, well how can that be if I know who is coming and I ordered the cakes. Well there is also food, a good friend of ours is a Chef and he will prepared great stuff but I do not know what it is. His food is always spectacular anyway, always out of the ordinary, so no worries.

Talking of the Club, I prepared the Newsletter each week with all the activities etc going on. It has been a great success, I present a brand new format each week with lots of news to keep it interesting and lively. However this week, I had a problem, someone sent me a PDF file with 3 links to 3 different websites to advertise an event. I use Mailchimp and gmail and what was sent is not compatible and there is no way to transfer this to the newsletter format. So I asked Will what should I do? I had no idea what to do or how to make it work and the person who sent me the material was a little nasty about it. Will did some research and spoke with Mailchimp people and he was able to work something out.

Anyway my sweet Baboo found a solution and a work around. He is the best and I am so happy. He has a far better understanding of computers etc than I ever will.

Tomorrow we go to Kensington which is a small town West of Charlottetown on HWY 2. to get the puppies groomed, being Wire hair Dachshunds, their coat has to be stripped. They have 2 coats and to ensure a good clean look this is needed. We use to have a great groomer in Rome who loved Nicky, he always came out looking like the show dog that he is. So both he and Nora will look great for the Festivities.

Festival Joyeux, Gaston LaTouche 1906
mein hund beisst jede hübsche frau ins bein