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A number like any other but one which in our world is like a portal into seniority.

I remember my 20th another number imbued with significance, seems so far away now. I also remember other Birthdays in far away lands where I lived. My 30th in Mexico City, my 40th in Istanbul, my 50th in Beijing.

This one well I look at what I have, all my teeth, you know that Colgate smile, my health, a nice home close to beaches, a nice life, friends, my two old puppies Nicky and Nora and my life relationship with Will, 43 years this November.

I cannot complain, Fate and life have been good. So this Birthday is one of Thanksgiving for all the good in my life.

The old Consular road, Via Porta Latina, Rome 2009.
And one of my favourite photos of the two of us, January 2011 top of the staircase of the Capitoline Hill, Rome.
Portrait on charcoal, 2020.