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Today is was Will’s turn to get his vaccine and he got a Moderna one.

The hockey arena has been re-purposed to give vaccines to Islanders and it is alldone on an appointment system. I drove him to his appointment which is a 5 minute drive and he went in. It is all very well organized and professional, impressive in fact. So far 18% of the general population has been vaccinated and 80% of all Health Staff are vaccinated. So at this rate things are going pretty well. Still no death and only one hospitalization in Ward 3, none in ICU.

Now he has to wait for his second shot in 4 weeks time. My shot is in 5 days and I am looking forward to it. You get a sticker on the way out stating that you have been vaccinated, people walk around proudly with them on their jackets.

In terms of Birthday’s today was the Anniversary of the Founding of Rome some 2774 years ago. Romans left flowers at the statue of Emperor Augustus in the Roman Forum. The Mayor of Rome left a giant flower wreath at the foot of the statue of the Goddess Roma at the Altar to the Nation, where the eternal flames burns. Happy Birthday to Rome the greatest city in the World.

Another Birthday today 21 April was for HM Queen Elizabeth II who turns 95. Poor dear buried her husband just days ago. She is now the longest living and longest reigning Sovereign in the history of Canada and the UK. This year is the 69 th year of Her reign, next year will be the Platinum Jubilee which has never been celebrated before.

To give an example of longevity Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years, George III for 60 years.