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The first of May 2021 marks our five year stay in PEI, it was already 5 years ago we arrived from Ottawa, with the puppies and all our earthly belonging. We are so used to living on the Island, in Winter we never leave town, we know pretty much everyone and have truly settled here. Our days are full of activities and people to see.

Last night we invited our friends who suggested the apartment we have now and who helped us greatly to get settled in. We had a wonderful dinner with them, leg of lamb and Mezzeh.

After this pandemic and the disaster we see in our old town of Ottawa, we are so glad to be here and to have a quiet life. Little did we know then how coming to PEI was a lifesaver for us and how it made going through this pandemic so much easier.

I always wanted to live by the sea and this also is a dream come true. Going to our beach cottage in July is loads of fun. This year like last year we will miss our friends and family who cannot come to visit us. But we are hopeful that 2022 will be different and a possible adaptation to the new normal.

We really cannot see now living elsewhere, this is home.

PEI seen from the International Space Station.