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I think sometimes it is important to reflect on life and the past. What may appear to us today as a terrible moment, like everything in life is just a passing moment.

Today is Mother’s Day a modern invention by the business world to make us consumers buy stuff and pretend that motherhood is something it is not, full of false fabricated sentiment. If Mother’s Day is suppose to be a day of thanks for what our mothers do, I think that you can show it every day by kindness and appreciation towards your Mom.

This weekend is also Victory in Europe day 8 May 1945 and the end of the Nazi nightmare, only to see another nightmare emerge that of a divided world between East and West and the horrors of Stalinist politics and the Cold War.

Today we live with this Pandemic and the constant churning of bad news by the Media in general who are happy to distort news in order to get us to panic and fear what is coming. However much of it is lazy reporting and to satisfy instant gratification by clicking on an news item the media make money through advertisement. So yes we are manipulated.

So in other news how are things going with the Lobster fishing, well yesterday the weather was terrible, the wind was howling and the sea was agitated. One fisher I know called the Fiddling Fisher because he belongs to a musical family, posted on Istagram what was going on aboard his lobster boat. It was chaotic but he is experienced, however it did show that it is a very difficult job and a dangerous one. You do not want to fall over board.

The price of lobster has gone up per example at M.R. Seafood which is the best place to buy fresh off the boat seafood in Charlottetown, 1 lbs of lobster meat which is claws and tails, cost $48. It has to be explained that in order to get one pound of lobster meat you need 4 one pounders. The lobster is weighed live and once it is cooked and the shell is removed you have about one quarter meat left. Many people do not understand that, having no experience with the lobster fishing industry. The fisher gets about $8.50 for his lobster. Some stores will sell them at $9.50 because its Mother’s Day weekend. I think the pricing will stabilize in the days to come and maybe even lower. One thing for sure whatever the price we are not paying a lot if compared to cities far from the sea. Mussels and Clams are selling around $5 for a pound and you can easily make a meal out of that given how rich it is.

I am happy that I am over my childhood seafood allergies, imagine living here by the sea and having allergies, it would be a curse.

Today the restaurants are busy with take-out orders for live or cooked lobsters. There is some dining but not very much. The wind has died down and the sun is coming out.

Only in Rome, for Mother’s day a new statue has been unveiled, that of Livia Drusilla, wife of the first Emperor of Rome Augustus. She was the mother of Emperor Tiberius and grandmother of Emperor Caligula. She died of old age in retirement at her palace in Capena at Prima Porta just outside of Rome under the reign of her grandson. She will be made divine after her death by another grandson Emperor Claudius. She is the first women Empress to figure on Via Dei Fori Imperiali . She richly deserves her monument, she was influential and had enormous powers and was feared, though she probably was not as pictured in the novels of Robert Graves.