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I saw this question on the Blog of my good friend Dr Spo, the question was about time and retirement and how it is viewed all together. Are there weekends or Monday Mornings? No not at all. Time becomes very fluid and the old markers established by school or work life are gone. They are no longer important, you have all the time in the world in front of you and you decide how to use it.

I remember when I retired some 9 years ago now, that day leaving the Office for the very last time, never to return, passing through the doors and unto the street, it was like leaving prison. The next morning I did not have to get up, I did not have anywhere to go, I could stay in bed all day, do as I wished, no more constraints.

What I discovered since you simply re-organize your life around activities you set up for yourself, you can become as busy or lead a quiet life, it is all up to you. I was told that it was important to decide before retirement from an active work life, what you will do afterwards. To decide to do nothing is dangerous and can lead to depression and an early death, television/internet is not the answer.

I knew what I wanted to do and went after it. I became involved in activities I liked. You become the manager of your own time and not the one being managed by others who set your schedule.

So no there is no melancholic Sunday afternoons, no dreaded Monday morning or TGIF either, none of that matters anymore. In fact I find that I simply forget what day of the week it is and just do what I want. As I often say to people if I am waiting in line for service, I have no where to go so don’t worry, I’m retired. I think that in retirement you can be very happy and have no stress, just enjoyment, you make of your life what you want it to be. Work what a concept, someone invented it, but who?

Villa Borghese Park in Rome, a beautiful, peaceful place.