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We have been here 5+ year and the way we dress has changed a lot. Recently we gave away a ton of clothes to charity, things we simply no longer wear and do not see ourselves wearing ever again. There is still a lot to give away and a second round is coming in the Fall.

Living here you simply do not wear tie and jacket unless it is a very important occasion. Our Province PEI is an agricultural and touristic spot, we have high tech firms, but overall life is easy and more relaxed and this is reflected in the way people dress everyday, Jeans, sport shirts and athletic wear. Given that the beaches are minutes away, beach wear is very much what you see in the Summer. Many people have cottages in isolated areas, dirt roads are also common as are jeeps and big trucks, so all this affects the way you will dress.

The only time people will dress more formally, are funerals, weddings and special anniversary. So we adjusted our wardrobe to life here. My most recent clothes purchase has been Chino pants and comfortable walking shoes. So we are going into the sporty comfortable look.