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So today is the Solstice and it is a hot day, unpleasant for the paws on asphalt for the puppies and all they want to do is sleep or roll in the cool grass.

We had people over for lunch yesterday and Will prepared a cold lunch of 2 Thai dishes with fresh noodles, it was quite nice and I told him that in the Summer we should do this more often as people appreciate such light fare in the heat.

This week we have 2 major holidays in Canada, one on Thursday 24 June is the St-Jean Baptiste day in French Canada. This is the old Gaul Feast of millennia about the Sun and the new day. The other will be July 1 Dominion or Canada Day, celebrating Canadians and Canadian achievements. We will have a bar-b-q at the Club on the Friday 02 July with live music. I offered to man the grill, something I enjoy doing on such occasions.

Today the news was that the Canadian border will re-open in some fashion on 05 July, travel has to be essential, you must be fully vaccinated and must be able to produce a certificate to prove it. After 28 July this may change further. Interesting to note that this new measure only applies to Citizens and no one else. I can see already people trying to get into Canada without the proper paperwork or vaccination and a lot of moaning at the border, count on the media to make a mess of their usual lazy reporting.

I don’t know about you but 2021 so far has been speeding by, I can hardly believe we are already at July’s door. The pandemic appears to be receiding now, with fewer and fewer cases daily. You can get a vaccine almost anywhere, even at the Grocery store who have full pharmacies on their premises. It is all about convinience and easy, no excuse for not getting it. We are also going to apply for our PEI PASS which allows us to leave the Island and come back without hassle. Maybe we would like to travel to Halifax or Wolfville which would be nice.

Finally as proof that Summer is here, strawberries from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia have appeared on the market. In two weeks time we should be getting PEI strawberries, they are truly unlike any other strawberries you can buy, the taste alone is wonderful.