Today I sent the car in for detailing at Suds on Mount Edward Rd. they do the inside outside cleaning job and the car comes out looking brand new, such a nice feeling.

Otherwise it has been a hot and muggy day around 28C but nowhere near the 47C on the West Coast of Canada and in Alberta. This type of high is very dangerous for human health, apparently this excessive heat will last for 6 days. In a way the message of Climate Change is hitting home now full force. Such high weather temperature are a record never seen in Canada.

In PEI the weather is warm but nothing out of the usual and I hope it stays that way, being on the Atlantic may help us a lot but we are expected to get big rainfalls later in the week.

With the heat I do not feel like cooking, salads are more in keeping and easier to digest.

You probably have heard of the news of the Residential Schools in Canada and the recent finding of graveyards around the schools with remains of indigenous children. The Government of Canada had a policy between 1880 and 1976 of forcibly sending children to those school administered by Religious congregations, against the will of their parents, the police was used to enforce the rule. Some 150,000 indigenous children ended up in such schools and at this time it is believed that 3200 died of mistreatment but the number could be higher. Other survivors bear psychological scars from the experience.

What is remarkable in all of this, is the voice of the Indigenous Elders and Chiefs of the various First Nations. They do not call for shaming non-native people, they simply ask for remembrance and reflection on Canada Day. To acknowledge the wrong and accept that this is the real history of Canada. Many are ready to take this step and the Government of Canada has done much from fresh clean water supply to remote communities, to enshrining into Law the United Nation Declaration on Indigenous Peoples. On 30 June the CBC will broadcast all day special programming on Indigenous people and their story told by them. It is not uncommon now to hear on the air greetings in native languages as part of the regular programming.

Also now enshrine in any public dialogue is the telling that all land in Canada is native and un-ceded. All these measures are not accepted out right but at least the ice is broken on this issue.

The current government of P.M. Justin Trudeau has done much to reform the current relationship between indigenous First Nations and the Gov of Canada. The commission of enquiry into the schools on Truth and Reconciliation has also made several recommendations and the Government is implementing them. But we do have a long way to go to change mentalities and attitudes by non-natives people towards natives in Canada. The Catholic Church which was the principle administrator of such schools is under fire and attack, the attitude of the church currently is not helping at all by refusing to recognize what they did. 

It is a retelling of Canadian history but this time without the embellish narrative of the Church and its supporters. Needless to say this story of the residential school is not new but the discovery in the graveyards has taken the nation by surprise and forced many to think and reflect on our past.

For Canada Day this year, people are asked to reflect on this very dark chapter of our history and to wear an orange T-shirt in memory of the children who died or where mistreated.