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Gee the weather is cold at 14C and it is raining non stop, it is suppose to rain all week.

A terrible start to July, meanwhile out West it is too hot for words. We are going from a Pandemic to a climate disaster.

Will is now fully vaccinated and I will be on Wednesday and so happy for it. Some 17 months have gone by and frankly I am happy that we can see the end of this tunnel.

Here are some pictures of me at the BBQ at the Club.

With my Sweeney Todd apron. I cooked for 40 members.
Mayor Philip Brown of Charlottetown, Club Patron cutting our Canada Day Cake.

We had fun and I enjoyed organizing the event. More events to come including the Golf Tournament. But in the coming days we are going fishing as they say, not in the literal sense but in the figurative sense. Looking forward to leaving town for a couple of weeks. Here is a photo of the area where we are going. Our neigbours at the cottage tonight told us that the surf was quite dangerous, high winds and driving rain and cold. But this is all changing by the time we get there. One strange thing we had to put the heat on in the house here in town today because it was a little raw. I have never done that in July. This is the New London Rear Light House on Yankee Hill Beach, it is our view and the sea is on the right.