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We are in preparation for our vacation to the beach. The weather currently is cold about 14C which is not normal for this time of the year at all. It also has been foggy and somewhat drizzling rain on and off. So looking ahead we have to plan accordingly.

Now Will got his second shot of Moderna and I a got mine (Pfizer). So we will be fully vaccinated and we are both happy about it. More tourists have been arriving from other Atlantic Provinces but I have seen also an influx of Ontario plates which means these are people who have family here and are vaccinated so they can cross the bridge from the mainland. However the Prime Minister did say categorically that tourists, Americans and others cannot enter Canada if they have not been vaccinated. So the message is clear, if you want to come here, get your 2 shots.

The Bar-B-Q at the Club went very well, I was manning the 6 burner barbi and cooked up a storm. Was very happy with the results and my fellow members loved the burgers and bratwurst. The cake was also very good and we got the Mayor who is our Club Patron to cut the cake.

I did not have to pay for my drinks last night, several people bought me drinks, which was nice. It was great fun.

Nicky is doing much better, I am relieved because I worry about him. The Vet was very nice, she was fully booked but told me to come any way and she would examine him. He poisoned himself by eating a begonia, a flower which is dangerous for dogs. He would not eat at all and could not keep food down. However years ago I was told by the Vet that it was important for a dog to stay hydrated and he had access to a lot of water and slivers of ice. We also gave him chicken broth which he loves. It was so funny when I went to pick him up at the Vet, he ran to the car and jumped in as if to say, now let’s get out of here quick. Got home and all he wanted was to snuggle and sleep.

The Lobster fishing season has come to an end and now for July it’s Lobster Fest with many restaurants presenting their version of the Lobster roll. The trick is to know where the best lobster roll is and with the most lobster in it. Usually it’s 4 oz of lobster per roll, but some restaurants will add a bit more and some claw meat. The bread also is important, freshly baked and crusty is very good, the old hot dog buns just don’t cut it. Terry at the Wheelhouse restaurant in Georgetown has a pretty good lobster roll, the best I think.