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So on this Sunday 15 August it’s Ferragosto the third most important holiday in Italy, after Christmas and Easter. Everyone is going on vacation in Italy this is a very old tradition. Ferragosto goes back to ancient times, it marks the end of the harvest and people celebrate.

Here you have it the classic FIAT 500 loaded up going to the beach or the mountains for that vacation. The big wicker basket or bottle on the roof is in fact home made wine. Essential for your vacation. I love the FIAT 500 it is such a nice stylish classic car.

This morning the Prime Minister went to see the Governor General and asked that she dissolve Parliament and order a General Election. So as of 10:30am this morning we are now officially in general election mode all across Canada to elect 338 Members of Parliament. Signs are already appearing and political commercial etc… The goal for PM Trudeau is to gain a majority government and he thinks he can do it. We vote on September 20, in total it will be a 36 day campaign.

Here at Rideau Hall we see the Governor General Mary Simon signing the decree to dissolve Parliament. The Chief Electoral Officer then issued the Writs for all 338 ridings.

At the same time in Kabul the Afghan Government was fleeing to Tajikistan while the Taliban entered the City. Amazing such a victory after 20 years of war. I know that our Embassy closed and our diplomats left the country. Unfortunately we abandoned to their fate the Afghan local staff who represent 90% of the workforce. This is how it is, the Government of Canada feels no obligation to them since they are Afghans. I do not know what is happening with the 20,000 Afghan we promised to take out because of their jobs with our army during this conflict. I do note that the German Government got everyone out, local staff at the embassy and others. Flying them all to Germany and leaving the processing of their immigration papers to be done in Germany. We could have done the same, the Minister has the authority to issue permits.

With the election now, no one is speaking about Afghanistan.

At the same time in Haiti thousands are injured or dead after the earthquake in what is essentially a failed State with no government. Oh did I mention climate change.

This is all too much at once and so very strange.