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Canada being a Kingdom (Dominion of Canada) we do not elect a Prime Minister (Head of Government). The Prime Minister’s position as head of government is an Appointment by the Governor General. However the holder of the position is an elected member of the House of Commons. However because our general television news is abysmal in Canada you will hear on Monday night various talking heads and so called experts talk about our PM elect which is pure nonsense and only serves to confuse a public which is largely ignorant of the most basic facts on how our system of Parliament functions.

You will also hear a lot about a mandate, there is no such thing in Canada as a mandate from an election victory. In the present case if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau government should find themselves with the most seats and can govern then they will just continue with the same program as it was prior to the election period. Any other party would implement their vision of governance but it is not a mandate. This is because again we elect 338 members to the House of Commons and each member represents one group of citizens and it is impossible to have one single mandate. Governing in Canada is based entirely on the will and the confidence of the whole House of Commons not just the government. But reporters get this wrong constantly because they look South and confuse the Republican form of government in the USA with our Westminster system.

It is sad that we still have to explain this in newspaper and other media platform, you would think people would know that, apparently not.

The other silly notion is that an election is not needed or not necessary, this is truly unbelievable, in a democracy election have to happen simply for the legitimacy of any elected Parliament. This election was required because as a minority governing body, the Prime Minister was constantly challenged by the Opposition who would then also invent so called scandals which did not exist. Controversies yes but nothing more and certainly not a reason to stop the work of Parliament. After 9 months of nonsense from certain actors in the House of Commons it was obvious an election had to take place to clear the air.

So late Monday night we should know. Some predict that it may be a majority for the Liberals. The Conservative party under Erin O’Toole are not doing well despite an early gain. His friend and someone Erin supported the Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney, is in big trouble with the Health system collapsing due to Covid 19 fourth wave which could have been averted entirely. O’Toole refuses to denounce his poor policies.