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I am not sure if we are in what has always been called Indian Summer but this mid-September period the weather has been lovely. This morning we drove to the BlockHouse Light House to meet with our barber who is also a professional photographer, Jared D. I have some of his work and he has an excellent eye.

The weather today is sunny and bright. The location of the lighthouse is on Rocky Point, PEI is made of soft red sandstone. The Blockhouse was built to mark the entrance into the very narrow passage into the Harbour of Charlottetown where 3 rivers meet into the bay. All ships arriving must pass through this passage and it is tricky because of sandbanks and shallow water levels, only a narrow channel in the middle affords enough depth for the big cruise ships and the oil ships to pass. The lighthouse is essential to avoid a disaster.

The blockhouse is a large house with a big light on top, owned and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, like all lighthouses on PEI or in Canada. To get there you have to drive from PEI in a semi-circular road out of Charlottetown, through Cornwall and then down Hwy 19 and turn to the indication for the national historic site of Port-LaJoye / Fort Amherst on Blockhouse road. The last portion of the road is rough unpaved dirt. The view is spectacular on the point.

We went there because Will’s Birthday is coming and I decided to have a portrait made of him for this special Birthday. There is more of course to come later as the Birthday approaches.

We also saw a very nice little house in the area for sale. We will look it up. We are looking for peace and quiet and living smack downtown, even in a small town, is a busy, noisy affair. Rocky Point is a peaceful rural area, of a few houses and golf courses, farms and beautiful view points surrounded by water.

posing for a shot
Charlottetown is on the right side of the photo in the far distance. Red sandstone cliffs of PEI.