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On Instagram and on YouTube you will find many cooking tips and shows. Some of it is fine and works well, others not so much and you need some common sense and cooking knowledge to avoid mistakes or tips that are clearly wrong. A few years ago I remember seeing one demonstration on how to use the Bialetti Espresso maker, the demonstration and advice was clearly wrong and would never work. I only knew this because I have been using this Bialetti machine for years. But for anyone not familiar you could easily fall for it.

The other night we had a large bowl of leftover rice in the fridge from a previous night. I wanted to make Fried Rice but usually in the past the results was a mushy over seasoned rice with too much soya sauce, very disappointing.

I found an Asian woman who has several recipes on YouTube and hers on Fried Rice looked easy (it should be easy) and it had ingredients I had never considered to add before like Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil. She also advised to make sure the pan was very hot when you add the rice to avoid, because rice is glutenous, that mushy clumpy result. She used bacon fat instead of oil, she did say that it was unusual for Chinese cooking but the fat of the bacon was a good thing. Butter lots of it can also be used.

The cold rice in the bowl already had chopped onion, red pepper, green pepper, celery and chopped carrots, I added mushrooms and broccoli florets. I first started with sautéing the mushrooms and broccoli for a few minutes, then set aside, I added more butter and scrambled 2 eggs quickly and set it aside.

I put the pan on high heat and added more butter and then the rice and the mushrooms, broccoli and scrambled eggs all together, mixed it up well. I then added the oyster sauce I Tsp, I Tsp of soya sauce and a sprinkle of Sesame Oil. Mixed it all well and continued to cook for a few more minutes and served. The garnish on top is simply the green tips of green onions.

I think that the Oyster sauce and the Sesame Oil made all the difference. It was perfect and I was very happy with the results.