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It’s Sunday afternoon and the news from Germany shows a big splits between the 2 candidates to succeed today as Chancelor Angela Merkel. The Candidate Olaf Scholtz currently Finance Minister who belong to the SPD and Armin Lashet of the CDU and favoured by Merkel are neck and neck in the vote. The party of Merkel CDU has lost in this election several points and her favorite Laschet may not win. There is much talk of coalition government with other parties like the Green.

Yesterday I went to the Mackenzie farm which is about 6 minutes away from our house. It is pretty nice to be able to simply ride out of the city so quickly and arrive at this farm which is well known for its quality produce. They have beautiful Sunflowers, Mums, a variety of tomatoes, a great variety of squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, etc.. The Corn is particularly good, it is cut off the stock and very fresh. So much better than what any big chain grocery store might offer.

I bought corn, and a variety of pumpkins, the very big ones and also small ones for the tables.

It is a lot of fun, a throw back to childhood years. The farm is quite large and with large fields dedicated to either growing corn, pumpkins or a variety of produce. Seeing the large number of pumpkins I am told that many will be use as feed for animals for winter and that it is very good for them. So nothing is lost if they are not sold for Halloween or eating at home. The Weather in PEI this September has been quite warm average around 25C and with the Humidex around 30C. This is more proof of Climate change. So far this year we have 100 days and counting of warm days over the usual average.

MacKenzie Farm, Stratford PEI.

It’s a big place and so much variety.

I also finished by latest book reading by John LeCarré, The Tailor of Panama, first published in 1996.

Like all of Le Carré’s books, a cast of imperfect people, mixed into a world of international politics, spying and deals. Most of it having to do with the foibles and personal complicated lives of the actors in this drama surrounding the Panama Canal, USA artificial Canal Zone and its complex history. The end of the book like all of LeCarré’s leaves the reader to imagine what happened next. The main character is marching down a hill amid a firefight involving the British and Americans fighting for control over Panama, trying to prevent a imaginary Asian takeover of their assets. An entertaining read. Le Carré said that he would not have had the idea for his book, had he not read the book of Graham Green, Our man in Havana (1958).

I am starting now another book entitled the Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. I will have to tell you more about this one.