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It seems that life is slowly returning to normal, with the VAXPASS that you have to show to enter any public place, people feel more secure and the last dregs of those who had not are now getting vaccinated. The government in PEI and in other provinces have clamped down on all government workers and health workers not vaccinated yet. Those who refuse will loose their jobs and will not be able to claim benefits.

On other fronts, I have re-started working at Government House for the Lieutenant Governor, it has been 6 years now and Her Honour always has lots to talk to me about. She is getting more visitors and the restrictions have been lifted. Again PEI is very different from the rest of Canada when it comes to Covid 19. None of the mismanagement we have seen elsewhere. Alberta is still a basket case, just plain horrible and Northern British Columbia is not much better, high rates of mortality and infections.

This weekend is Marathon weekend in PEI. The weather is still nice, today was suppose to be rainy, we got sunshine instead. Love living on an Island the winds change the weather constantly. No I am not running, are you kidding? One does not run.

Also the medical society has published the following about Pumpkin Spice. So if you are a doctor please beg your patients to drop it.