We had an appointment today at the Vet with Nicky, he is such a good boy, sit quietly in the car and when we got there, he does not like the place but remains quiet nonetheless. We went because I wanted his eyes tested, he has cataracts and I wanted to know how bad it was. Nick is 12.5 yrs old now which makes him a senior wire hair dachshund. The exam went well, his eyes are fine at the moment, though he needs drops for his right eye. I am to go back to the vet a week from today to see if his eye is better. When we got out of the vet, Nick had a big pee on the lawn, stress release and happy to get in the car to go home. Now when we go to the vet with Nora, we get quite the drama, so funny how different both of them are in temperament.

Tomorrow is FLU shot day for both of us, the shot is free at the pharmacy. We did not have any reaction to it last year so I presume it will be the same this year. We know the pharmacist he is in our circle of friends.

It is cold tonight only 8 C. but then again when you get close to Halloween the weather is cold and some years we get wet snow or very cold rain.

Nicky watching from a comfortable angle.