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Up until today the weather was quite pleasant but today Sunday it has turned grey and rainy and slowly becoming colder.

We had a great Premium Scotch tasting at the Club, we tasted Glenfarcas 15yrs, Dewars 21yrs, Glenlivet French Oak reserve 15 yrs, and my least favourite Bowmore 12 yrs old.

Today I had to go grocery shopping, the stores in PEI on Sunday open after 12 Noon by Law. I rarely go to the stores on Sunday, I was very surprised to see so many people and little to no staff to help out. It was like Xmas shopping, just weird. All stores are advertising jobs and are looking for staff for every position. It is a problem but given the very small salary offered and no benefits, no one wants those jobs. PEI is known for low salaries and poor working conditions, nothing to be proud of. Coupled with a difficult housing situation and very high rents in the $2000 dollar range +, no parking if you work downtown. No wonder we have this situation, employers are looking at Government to solve the problem, in other words mission impossible.

It has been announced that as of May 2022, some 75 cruise ships will be coming to Charlottetown. Given the lack of staff in restaurants and bars, I wonder how this is going to work out.

Some of our friends are booking travel to Europe for the coming months, we are still not ready. I am trying to schedule a trip to Halifax some 3 hours away hopefully before December, but still hesitant. I would probably go by the Ferry at Souris, the crossing takes about 30 minutes. Halifax is a city of half a million people, it has a lot of good restaurants and bars. Good shopping and good sights, a beautiful Art Gallery, with interesting artists.

Met with friends this morning for coffee and cake in a friends home, had a very nice time. The rest of the day was quiet. Tomorrow I am taking Nicky to the vet to have him look at his eyes and the cataracts, I know they cannot do much about it but I just want to know more about the progression of this disease in his eyes, it is in part old age. He does not seem bothered by it, but animals are good at hiding ailments.

This morning I went to the Port Authority building for a tour of what is left of what was once a big industrial port. There has been a port in Charlottetown since 1750. From a simply wharf to a ship building site to a train terminus for loading harvests of potatoes to today which serves both the cruise ships and the petroleum product ships and other lakers bringing aggregate to our sandbar island.

The area of the Port nowadays is completely surrounded by a residential neighbourhood, the only part left is a loading area for trucks to take on loads of aggregate. The petroleum ships from IRVING have their own pipeline on the dock and it is pump directly into the line. The Port receives 90% of all oil used on the island. We use to have multiple tank farms on the shoreline until 1980 when it all disappeared, only one is left.

The goal of the visit was to speak about the loading and unloading of trucks in the area after 11pm. The major problem has been that governments have been slow in investing or they have invested small amounts which does not help infrastructure in the long run. Some other ports like Georgetown and Summerside are now receiving more shipment of aggregate and Port Charlottetown as a not for profit corporation is seeing its revenue diminish.

My Member of the Legislature came along for the briefing. She is in the Opposition at the moment, but her focus is on the environment as a member of the Green Party.

We also walk on the new dock for cruise ships, an area not open to the public, it was cold this morning, given that the dock is about 100 feet from shore, the view however was very nice.

1960 Port with Thank Farms in the downtown core. Now all parkland
The Port around 2000 when it was still under the Federal Government control.
Around 2016, the area is completely transformed for tourism.