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Our little Nicky who is almost 13 years old and has been with us since his birth in Rome has cataracts in both eyes and this created an ulcer in his eyes.

We have always been to the veterinarian at first sign that something is not well with either of them. We did the same with our 2 previous Dachshunds Bundnie and Reesie.

The Vet referred us to the Animal Hospital of the Univ of PEI which is a known teaching Vet School in North America. The specialist was a professor from Guelph University in Ontario. I spent 4 hours at the AVC with two other vets and the specialist looking at Nicky. First Nick is an old dog and this kind of situation does happen, the treatment is to alleviate this worsening situation, however eventually in 2 years time he may go blind, however at that point Nick will be 15 years old which is the common longevity for dogs.

It is worrying to have a sick pet and Nora knows there is something wrong with Nick. I am going back to the Vet next week and expect an update on the situation. I am hopeful that things will go well for him, in the meantime we keep him comfortable and he gets all our attention.