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Well we are in Winter now at minus 5C, the wind is brisk under bright blue skies.

I have to start my Xmas card writing and sending. Did a bit of shopping this morning, bought a new electric kettle, despite the fact they had 10 models on display on 3 models in stock. I thought maybe this is early Xmas gift shopping rush on kettles. Oh look you bought me a kettle for Xmas, how romantic.

The Sun now sets at 04:20pm which is early and it will be much more cold tonight around -10C.

I am still not into a Christmas mood, it’s like I just can’t get excited about it. I also hate to hear that song, Oh It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It sounds so phoney all around. It seems that the music of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s about the Holiday just do not work anymore. The world is just too different and the pandemic etc. does not help lighten the mood. But life must go on no matter what. I just hope that 2022 will be different with better more positive news. That is my wish for the New Year.

We have a few parties to go to at friends and at the Club. We will have just 4 people over for Christmas lunch and Will has made his famous plum pudding, we are keeping the rest of the menu simple. It also looks like we will not have gifts, simply we have everything we want and neither of us want anything else. No drama in this, happy with our lot that is all.

Tonight I sample the Beaujolais Nouveau and it is good, fruity and light, a young wine, delightful.