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Will had his birthday and 2 cakes. The first party we had African food from Kenya prepared by Makena who has been in the catering/restaurant business for 20 years. She is also a member of our club. It was all very good. The cake was a beautiful rich buttercream cake prepared by Valerie who has done at least 6 other cakes for me over the years. This is a hobby of hers but the results are always outstanding, she is also a member of the Club. The music was done by Nathan C. and we have a special connection to him because 6 years ago when we came looking for a place to live in Charlottetown, we met Nathan through other friends of ours. He and his then wife were playing at a Club and everyone enjoys his music which is a mix of old classics and other things. He mentioned that night that he had bought a house and was moving out from his current location. We went to look at it and it was exactly what we were looking for. So this is how we found this wonderful place we live in now. We have of course kept in touch with Nathan and his new partner through the years. So I asked him to come and play at Will’s Party. It was perfect with the old fireplace giving a nice glow to the room.

Buttercream with natural vanilla paste, which gives it this yellow appearance.

On Friday the Club President threw another party for Will and all the members sang the Birthday song and he had another cake. He also raised $1000 in a Go fund me drive for the Animal Humane Shelter in Charlottetown. So all is well all around.

Today Will is making Ginger Biscotti and they are baking in the oven the smell is divine throughout the house.

Now this weekend we start the Christmas decorations and this week I will do the shopping for our Christmas Luncheon. I did not want to try out the weekend crowds, too many people a little crazy.

Next week we have one get together at our Lawyer who lives down the street from us. Then we have the Christmas dinner at the Club, there will also be entertainment.

In other news, Nicky’s cataract situation is not getting better, the vet is proposing another treatment and some radical approach and frankly we are thinking about it all. I just wonder now if I am getting the best advice for the money. Our main concern is that he not suffer in any way. More to come this week, we will see.