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No not the country but the bird, just 3 years ago you could buy a bird for about $20. which would get you a 12 lbs turkey. Today we bought a small turkey 10 lbs. for $35. Anything larger, the price jumps and it is around $55 to $60. dollars. Frankly I am not in love with turkey and would be happy with other meat or seafood. But the prices are out of control, even for chicken which was the cheap meat. Now pork is still relatively cheap but not everyone wants nor can eat pork. Because I shop often in a week, I notice the price jump from day to day and despite the fact that we are constantly told that supply chain problems around the world creates inflation etc, I am not really buying it. There is gouging and now that we approach the date of the big day, prices are likely to start falling. They have on Wreaths and other natural decorations, they probably will on other items, they did last year.

We returned today to the Vet to consult about Nicky and his left eye condition and what can be done to alleviate the situation. The Vet gave us the information and based on the specialist report what can be done to help Nicky. It still looks like his eye sight problem is manageable. I will take him tomorrow for a small intervention to relieve the pressure on his eye. This cataract problem is frequent in older dogs and ulcers can form which makes things worse and are painful. So we will see.

Other news, not much, I do not think we will have a white Christmas, the weather is way to warm and even the seawater in the Gulf is not at Winter cold temperature. You still have politicians who will tell you they do not understand what is going on, like the Governor of Kentucky. I suppose someone will have to explain it to him.

Yes we have surfers at this time of the year on the North Coast, too dangerous, you are on your own when you do this, it is for the thrill of the sport.