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It seems that everyday I will have some chores or this or that matter to attend to, today was no different. Yesterday our Chief Medical Officer announced that a first case of Omicron had been found on the Island, this led to new restrictions and created a wind of panic in the population. Those most at risk are of course the unvaccinated and they are the ones now getting sick. Among them of course are people who fail to follow any guidelines on hygiene or public health measure. What is truly sad is the number of people who are ill with cancer and other serious conditions who are displaced for the covid cases. There is still about 10% of the population which is not vaccinated and still refuse to get vaccinated despite the proven risks. So why should the Government pay attention to them, they took a risk let them suffer the consequences, do not penalize others who need care. The problem is compounded in Provinces with Conservative government who make no effort to ensure the populations safety and prefer to blame the Prime Minister with false accusations and conspiracy theories.

I went to see my pharmacist today and got our appointment for our booster shot, so I am looking forward to that. It was not difficult to arrange, we have quite a few options to get the booster. It is encouraging to see so many people making appointments.

In the meantime we have to modify our activities at the Club and postpone any Holiday celebration, better safe than sorry.

We still have to complete the decorations for the Holiday Season, I think we will do that in the next few days.

I learned today that the modern Myth of the White Christmas or the idea that we must have snow at Christmas was influenced by the writings of Charles Dickens who was born in 1812 and for the first 8 years of his life in Portsmouth witnessed 8 years of snowy Christmases.

It made an impression on him and we can read it in his books and the public fell in love with this notion. In many countries where I have lived December or Winter is warm or if cold not sufficiently to induce snowfalls.

ROME, Piazza Venezia