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This past week we have been thrown back to March 2020. PEI was doing very well in terms of cases and the pandemic, few cases and no hospitalizations, people followed the rules with few exceptions. On Wednesday we suddenly had 10 new cases, all related to travel off Island. Thursday another 10 cases and one Omicron, Friday 31 cases and a second Omicron case. This was the highest number of new cases ever, panic sets in, people are in disbelief, Chief Medical Officer gives a public news conference in such cases and tells islanders through Facebook live that this is very serious and ominous, the live comments had to be shut off, the abusive languages of a chorus of Karens and other idiots was beyond the pale. The narrative of their comments was, that the Chief Medical Officer was stealing their Xmas and the poor children would be scarred for life by this trauma. This is what I dislike so much about today’s public debate, the children are always used as a stick. Also this week the on-going ban of PEI Potatoes from USA markets due to a fungus. This is not a trade dispute but about plant safety, the two farms involve happen to belong to Cavendish Corp. a branch of the powerful IRVING corp. Again farmers who are facing ruin are asking for help because the children do not understand what is going on. I find that using the children as an excuse has become the weapon of the cowards who have nothing to say.

Talking of potatoes, the investigation done by soil sample will take until 2023 to have final results. This will have an impact on the economy of the Island but then again maybe an incentive to switch to other cultures.

So in a matter of a few hours, any public activity was cancelled and private gathering is limited to 10 people including the hosts and it has to be the same people not a constant mix of people. Schools are now closed for the Holidays BUT as the Premier said it is not known now if they will reopen on 8 January 2022. It very much depends on what will happen in terms of infection rate. All of this in PEI was caused by one University Student who went to a party at St-Francis Xavier Univ, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The Student Union who organized the party without proper protocols has been fined.

For PEI we have a total of 73 active cases out of a total population of 160,000. That statistically is a lot for us, given our very limited medical infrastructure.

For us, well we already had made our plans for Christmas so it is very low key and quiet. So not much worry, we stay home, we will see about 6 people during the period, we know them all.

We finished the decoration of the tree and Will is putting the final touches to our Christmas food, we have our gifts for our friends done, just a small token, but a long tradition.

So despite it all, life continues…

For all the cry babies out there, there have been much worse times in the past and I offer you this image.