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I came upon some photos of years ago one is of Cairo in 1991 Christmas. I was talked into being the Santa for all the kids at the Canadian Embassy. With the children of our local Egyptian staff and the Canadian colleagues children, there was about 60 kids.

I remember getting dressed in the Santa’s costume at my home in Zamalek and then being driven to the party. On the street Egyptians were waiving, Hello Santa. Such a popular guy, the party went on for hours and the kids were super excited and I was exhausted, parents were happy. We had great fun and this is one of my best memories of Cairo.

Cairo at Christmas was festooned with multicoloured lights and you would think that being a majority Muslim country there would be no festivities. However while in Egypt I discovered that the Virgin Mary is honoured in Islam as being chosen by God to be the mother of the prophet Jesus. Egyptians also love a good celebration and a laugh.

Of course during our time in Egypt, we got to ride camels and I can tell you that it is not comfortable if you do not know how to sit properly.

This photo from 1991 is of my late colleague Jim Gould who took over from me as Santa, the brave fellow. I did manage to fool his daughter in 1990 when I was Santa and I wonder if he also was able to do this, the kid was a sharp observer.
My colleague Bill with the camera in the background and his wife Janet. Two of our local staff feeding the beast. People are dressed against the cold, despite what people may think Winters in Egypt can be cold, around 10C in the day time and much colder at night.
This picture of me and Diana, the president of the Canadian Club in Rome at our Club Xmas party in 2010. In Rome we always had such elegant parties and so much fun.
Christmas in Ottawa in 1980 our first apartment and our tree. The young days.
Us today, Summer of 2021 in PEI.