As of writing this, W. and I only have 28 days to wait for our Booster shot. Given how things are going, it seems like a very long time to wait, but patience is rewarded they say. Still the news is pretty grim all around.

Our fridge is having major problem and lucky for us we have available to us a second fridge we can use. I had bought all the meat for Christmas, so nothing lost. Hopefully the repair man can fixe it but this week so near to Xmas is not the best time of the year for this to happen. If it has to be replaced well, hopefully the supply chain problems will not make for big delays. Let’s think positive.

I also decided to take a break from the news, I have had my load of fresh disasters for a while. It appears that a lot of our news is either about grown adults who behave like spoiled children in public, screaming that life is not fair or panic news “we are all going to die” type which contradicts itself at the next news bulletin and the news reader taking on a dramatic tone of voice. We also have this fascination with “sexual assault allegations” every day more lurid than the next. The problem being that it is all allegation and is soon replaced with more news of the same with other alleged victims. Every one wants $$$$ millions in compensation. Frankly enough is enough.

I was talking tonight to W saying that I felt like just cancelling the whole Xmas lunch and any other activity, I have never felt this way before but I just don’t see the point. No it is not the most wonderful time of the year. Oh well it may pass, I am just a bit tired.

Putting the Star on the tree.