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Well today we had some good news despite it all. I had an appointment for Nicky at the Vet to check on his eyes and the ulcers that had developed about 2 months ago due to the dryness of his eyes. With treatment and care and eye drops daily, the Vet confirmed that the ulcers are gone and he is not in pain over them. So that is a relief though his cataracts will get worse because of his age, at the moment he is fine. With this treatment Nicky has managed to grow very lazy and expects now cookies for almost anything and needs to be lifted and petted and talked sweetly non stop. He like most Dachshund is very good at manipulating silly humans like us. The vet is constantly telling us to be on the look out for this type of behaviour, because they learn very quickly and then it is difficult to break, much pouting and sad looks not to mention sighs. Yes he is a little monster but he is our monster.

The other good news today, the fridge appears to have been fixed and working properly, so we can move the contents back from upstairs into it. This little contre temps allowed us to clean out the fridge properly. Tomorrow we will start de-freezing the turkey which is hard as a rock right now. Only 2 guests coming for Xmas day Lunch and 2 more for Boxing Day Dinner.

I also had my haircut today for Xmas and went over to Government House to see the Lieutenant Governor to wish her happy Christmas, she was listening to the Premier and the Chief Medical Officer announcing the new health measures and restrictions, people feel very badly about this right now and with reason. We have no choice, it is a matter of public health.

She had in the Salon d’Honneur this 15 foot Christmas tree, she told me that she ordered it back in October, it is quite beautiful and I am probably one of the very few people to have seen it this year, since the Official Residence is closed unless you have official business.

It was a very bright sunny day today and despite being the first day of Winter it really was not that cold at all. In other words it did not feel like Winter at all.

Government House, Charlottetown, PEI