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Got up this morning early around 8:30am which is early for me. Got the table organized for our Christmas Lunch, silverware and fine china. Will got the turkey in the oven and the Plum Pudding steaming for 2 hours. His Brandy Butter for the pudding was very good.

It was a pleasant lunch with the usual Xmas Crackers and funny hats, little bags of gifts and other nice items. I always shop for luxury items to give out at lunch, nothing extravagant but simply nice. The French service of Radio-Canada did an outstanding job with their music programme this year, very well structured featuring all manners of old 17th and 18th century French Christmas music, many sung in Church for centuries and I know the words by heart they are so familiar, they also had modern Quebec music for the season which is always nice to hear. They also do not have any news bulletin, so no news of fresh disaster.

It is a lot of work to prepare such a meal and Will went all out as he usually does, he frets a lot about the quality of what he serves and no one is ever disappointed.

We now have turkey left over enough to make some sandwiches and a pie. Half a Plum pudding which no doubt will be eaten tomorrow Boxing Day. But that is about it, so no great bother.

Again a sunny day today and not as cold, the wind died down, which is a relief. The City is very quiet due to restrictions and I am happy about it, it’s nice to have peace and quiet for once.