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I have just completed reading the last book of John LeCarré published by his son a few months after the authors death in December 2020. The book itself had been in the works for some years and had been corrected and passages rewritten several times, it was completed and left in his desk at home. His youngest son Nick Cornwell also a known writer by the name of Nick Harkaway, had made a promise to his dad that he would publish any novel he found and so Silverview was published in June 2021.

It is not a big book, 210 pages in all. The story is in England in a small costal town, involving characters who all have complicated past lives and some are with MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), commonly known as MI6, is the foreign intelligence service of the United Kingdom, tasked mainly with the covert overseas collection and analysis of human intelligence in support of the UK’s national security. The plot draws you in and the denouement is surprising. Lots of details, so the reader has to pay attention to understand what is going on. I regret his passing given what a gifted author he was and how vivid the story and the characters become to the reader.

In his lifetime John LeCarré wrote about 30 books, all of them more or less famous and many bestsellers. At the moment I am reading Call for the Dead, a book written in 1961. It is a small book 156 pages and again I find I cannot put it down.