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Well it is done and over, what a year, in all honesty it went by quickly despite all the problems. For PEI and Charlottetown it was not a good year economically and tourism wise. It did not affect me much, just the constant vigilance about Covid and simply getting my shots. Life goes on.

I did find that reading and authors I enjoy is a great joy. Though I have always done that so I am now simply continuing. A friend David N. in London always has good recommendations. I also look around for books which might interest me.

So 2020 and 2021 was no great shakes but we can always be cockeyed optimists and hope for a better 2022.

I remember New Year’s Eve of 2000, Y2K the world would collapse because of computers and I don’t know what. That St-Sylvester we were living in Warsaw, Poland, there had been so much nonsense about what might happen with the computer clocks and calendars and errors apparently made. Planes would fall from the sky and disaster everywhere. That night at the Embassy our communication technicians stayed up all night while our Ambassador slept at home, call me if anything important happens. He was not the only one who was in bed that night while we worked, others had gone home to families in Canada or on vacation.

By 8PM that night, Warsaw time, we knew this Y2K was a hoax and nothing was going to happen as the new year had arrived in New Zealand and then Japan without incident of any kind. The only other New Year’s Eve was that of 1991, all of 1990 had been preoccupied with the possible war between Iraq and Kuwait. I was then living in Cairo, Egypt, yes that one was significant, a short war. Diplomatic circles knew the war was coming though it still took us by surprise that the Iraqi Government was so stupid to start something they would loose. One CNN reporter made a killing on Oriental rugs, Peter Arnett.

There have been many other New Year’s Eve but not as eventful, in many ways they were all special spent with Will, family and friends.

Wishing you all Health and Happiness in 2022, there is nothing more anyone can actually wish that is so important in any life.