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Today 1 January is a quiet day, it’s 5C outside, no snow, no wind, no one in the street, grey skies, all is shut down. This year 2022 marks for my family an anniversary of sorts, our ancestor arrived at Quebec City on a French War Ship with his regiment in 1662 some 360 years ago. He was part of many French Regiments sent to Canada to put an end to the Indian wars threatening Montreal and other settlements. He established himself, had a farm and the rest is history.

I listened to the New Year’s Day concert from Vienna, it was nice but had none of the glamour of previous years, the concert hall was half empty and there was little in terms of flower mass decorations usually found for this concert. It was all very restrained no doubt due to the difficult situation with Covid. However I like the part where they follow this little butterfly from the greenhouses of the Schonbrunn Palace and all over Austria along the Danube etc. The close up of this fragile butterfly landing on beautiful flowers is enchanting. This is a country we always love spending time in, Austria is so civilized.

I do pray that 2022 will see us return to a more normal situation. However as with Climate Change I fear that we are in for some turbulence and rough seas ahead. The future will not be for the faint of heart.

So let’s look forward in a positive manner. I read this saying today and I thought well suited for the year to come.

“Let it be in your heart that every day of the new year will be the best day of the year”