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This weekend a major storm is coming, snow, sleet, freezing rain and winds in the 100Km per hour. Oh Joy! I have my storm chips and we will stay home. This is the third storm in 3 weeks, I hate that mix of snow and freezing rain with high winds. This means the sea bridge will be closed and food trucks will not be able to cross from the mainland, some shortages will follow in grocery stores. However there is no shortages whatsoever in what we can buy despite reports of shortages, I have not seen any, unless you mean that not being able to buy my favourite brand of potato chips is a horror.

In Ottawa the self-styled Freedom Convoy, described by the Media as a group of Grifters has arrived from across Canada, lots of crazies in that group. It all started in Vancouver and these transport trucks made a caravan heading for Ottawa. The Prime Minister has denounced them as a fringe element. Their demand, lifting of the Vaccination Mandate so they can criss-cross the USA/Canada border without any vaccination. They only forget to mention that the Biden Administration imposed such a mandate on Canadian truckers coming to the USA some time ago. We in Canada have the same policy for US truckers. The Trucking association has denounced this protest group saying that they hurt the industry. In Canada 90% of truckers are vaccinated, this group is a right wing nutjob who watch FOX News and the Reuben Report, listen to Theo Fleury former hockey player and support Trump, despite being Canadians. They also want to kill the Prime Minister who they describe as a Tyrant and a Communist, topple the government and install a government of truckers and others malcontents, they are white supremacists, anti-immigration, anti-LGBTQ, anti-women, photos show also some flying the Confederate Flag, what does that have to do with Canada? Most are very naive and misinformed living on a diet of conspiracy stories on the margins of society. They oppose the vaccine because again conspiracy stories ever more ludicrous and delusional. A pole taken today shows that 98.7% of those protesters are in Ottawa because they hate the Prime Minister and the famous vaccine mandate is lost in the mist.

Currently Ottawa with the Pandemic is pretty quiet, no one works downtown in Federal Government Buildings, public servants work from home, Parliament buildings which is their destination, is closed for 10 years for a major renovation, and Parliament itself will only return to work next week but mostly by ZOOM. The Prime Minister is not in town but in the region at another official residence, neither is most politicians. Police have closed the gates around Parliament, they have a heavy presence, reinforced by the RCMP and the Parliament Security Police. Also at the moment and for the next few days the weather is in the -31 C. so freezing cold with high winds. Parliament’s Sargent at Arms who is responsible for the protection of Members of Parliament and Senators told them that their private homes in Ottawa might be targeted by Protesters. Some protesters were calling for a January 6 style event, the police has been very firm that no such thing will be tolerated and not to try. As long as it remains peaceful and no one is hurt all will be well. The police so far is in contact with the 8 organizing truck groups but they have not been able to reach the 3 main extremist leaders who are promising trouble. However the police know who they are and are looking for them. On Saturday morning about 80 trucks lined Wellington Street in front of Parliament a far cry from the tens of thousands promised by the protesters.

Some Media outlets in the USA affiliated to FOX and other right wing media spoke of 50,000 trucks some said 1 million people were coming to Ottawa. Others mentioned that the truck convoy was so large it was probably the largest in the world, really? One reporter pointed out that given that the Capital Ottawa has a limited number of hotel rooms, if a million person show up, that would mean 125 persons per hotel room. We shall see what Saturday brings, like most people in Canada, I am very tired after 25 months of this bunch of idiot anti-vaxers. The Prime Minister in this situation has nothing to loose, he has the majority of Canadian supporting his vaccination mandate policy. The Opposition Conservative and their Leader Erin O’Toole is weak and he is trying to curry favour with this group and has met with them in a photo-op. While other members of his own party are plotting against his leadership, presenting themselves more to the right than he is and also offering smiles and coffee to these Covidiots. The mandate and lockdown the truckers protest against is a Provincial/Municipal Matter it really has nothing to do with the Government of Canada. But amid the confusion forgetting that we do not live in the USA and we are not a republic and our system of government is vastly different from our neighbour to the south, this poor souls seem to think they are heroes of democracy they are trying to overthrow.

We had such a demonstration 2 years ago about Alberta and the Oil Industry, when the price of oil was very low and jobs were lost in the Western oil patch due to low demand. The number of protesters who came to Ottawa to denounce the tyrant Trudeau and the Federal Government was not large and the whole thing fizzled like a wet petard. This may very well be the same thing.

Strange how no one mentions responsibility to society and public health, it’s always about Me,Me,Me. Someone should tell the truckers, hey honey it’s not about you!