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We are in day 5 of the occupy Ottawa by so called truck drivers, some facts are coming out now, the demonstration which started last Friday at its height had about 8,000 people participating on Parliament Hill, fairly low number if compared to a Canada Day celebration which run around 100,000 + person.

The number of trucks the police estimate that it was around 2000 trucks. Not the ten of thousands bandied about by protesters. The shadow organization raised about $10 million dollars, now the police has revealed that most of the money is coming from the USA, from American activists who support Trump and right wing activists. This is a very troubling thing, one of the main demand of the organizer is the overthrow of the Canadian Government, the abolition of Parliament and installing a dictatorship. The hatred of Donald Trump for Canada and his minions is well known, he has demonstrated this many times during his presidency. The siege in Ottawa continues but the Chief of Police is now considering bringing in the army to clear the streets. I say, It’s about time!

Many news organizations like SKY News Australia, WION India, The Washington Post, The London Times, Post Media in Canada, The National Post, The Sun, have taken a very strong anti-Trudeau stand. Many reported that Trudeau had fled the Capital as the protesters had arrived. This was #FAKE NEWS, Parliament reopened after the Holiday Season on Monday as scheduled, the Prime Minister was present and continues to govern.

What has happened today Wednesday is the ouster of the Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole after only 23 months at the helm, a majority of Members of his Caucus 73 voted to boot him out while 45 wanted him to stay. This is ironic, O’Toole had openly supported the trucker protest and his party for the last 7 years had an open campaign of hate against PM Trudeau. It all backfired on them. No having any plans on Climate change, constantly being negative about every topic, blaming Trudeau for just about everything under the sun, attacking his family and his elderly mother Margaret. Being in favour of assault weapons for all like we see in the USA, against Abortion rights, against LGBTQ rights, supporting conversion therapy and all manner of extreme right wing causes and finally is constant flip-flop on policy positions and out the door he goes. The CPC is a divided party, the 73 members who voted against O’Toole are the right wing similar to the Trump fringe in the USA. The party will have its 4th party leadership contest and its 6th leader in 7 year. It may very well split up and we shall see a return to the old Conservative party and the other wing will be the Reformers from Western Canada.

This photo courtesy of the CBC shows 3 ladies who live on Cooper street in Ottawa, in our old neighbourhood stopping a truck from travelling down their street. Good for them! We need to stop this madness.