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In the last 3 years I have been having this dream which at times is very real and vivid. It is always the same scenario, I am not retired from work but on some kind of vacation or leave. I get a call to come back to work, a special assignment abroad, which is various regions of the world and where there is a lot of work to do and experience is needed. No one wants that job, I am happy to do it and volunteer for it. I go through the preparation and meeting prior to a posting. I see people and have conversations with them. Reminiscing about past years and other postings.

I never actually leave for the post in question but it feels like I am back at work and happy to do it. Then I remember that I said I would retire but luckily I did not or did I, some confusion but it seems that all that is overlooked, I can re-integrate my work unit. It seems the dream has a lot to do with crisis in the world. During my career, I often went on assignments or took postings in difficult areas, I always enjoyed them and felt I was helping or making things happen. It is almost as if my brain still thinks that this part of my life is not really over, despite the fact that I have now been retired 10 years. Strange how one’s brain and memories come forward and dreams opens the door to the past and to fantasies.

Right now I am focusing on Spring and how many days are left before it officially arrives, the sun now sets at 6:25pm a month ago it was setting at 5pm and around new year at 4:15pm. Soon in a few days the clocks will spring forward and one more hour of daylight will happen instantly. To me this means Winter is definitely on the way out.

Strangely COVID wise in the last 24 hours the artistic and musical community has been hit all of a sudden in large numbers. Many shows have been cancelled. People still wear their masks and many are saying they will keep their masks even if it is no longer mandatory.

Despite the very bad news coming from the war in Europe, life here on the Island continues, people are worried but not overly so, there is a feeling that all this is very far away, but tonight French President Macron said after his 90 minute phone call to Vladimir Putin that the war was going to get much worse in the days to come. Are we slipping into a disaster? It looks like it and frankly like a lot of people I have no idea what to do. Will anyone stop Putin? I don’t know, he appears totally isolated in the Kremlin. His advisors can only see him via Zoom. If this war is about settling scores with the USA and humiliating America we are in for a very rough and dangerous time, it is not going to end well.