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For the past 32 years we have had 4 Dachshunds, from smooth to long to wire hair.

They all came from various places, the first one was born in Cairo, Egypt, the next one was born just outside Chicago, the two present ones were born in Capena, just outside Rome.

They all travelled extensively with us, probably our first dachshund Bundnie did travel quite a bit from Egypt to Canada and back and then to Poland to Canada and then to Chicago and back to Canada. A lot of her travel was done with KLM who had a very solid reputation with transporting animals. The worst was Air Canada who pay no attention to live cargo and have all manner of ridiculous rules.

Yes we do treat all of them very well and they know it. Just this week we were at the Vets to make sure that all was well with Nicky and his eyes and with Nora and her health in general. Yesterday I was at the pet store to pick up some food for Nicky and they no longer have the brand I would usually buy for him and spent a good deal of time speaking with the sales person about various options. Dog food is not cheap and quality mix of ingredients is important.

The thing about Dachshunds is how clever they are and stubborn. They are little prima donnas and know what button to push to get their way. What I find amazing is the routine they have developed with us. An example, I have to give Nicky eye drops x2 a day, Nora watches very carefully what I am doing, then she wants a cookie for watching. You cannot say no, impossible, she will stomp her paw and give you dirty looks, even ignoring you or sulking. Same in the kitchen, she expects and gets, so does Nicky a treat of anything we cook or prepare, lots of modulated wining. So we think of ourselves as their personal attendants from sun up to sun down. It’s a full time job.

On Instagram I follow quite a few sites with Dachshunds in Europe, they are all Wire Hair, lots of mountain hikes and running, something our two do not do, they have turned into couch potatoes. This February they are 13 years old.

They also know our two different approaches to their demands and wants. With Will they are more willing to whine and complain and they know he will give them what they want. With me it is different, they seem to know that I have no patience and will not give treats for whatever reason they can come up with, so they simply go to Will instead. I took them to the groomer last month in Kensington about 40 minutes away. Both were very quiet in the car and slept on the way. Will has accompanied me on some occasions and then both will fidget and whine. You have to wonder what goes on in their little heads.

Our four dachshunds were all very different in character and temperament, they were and are quite a presence in the house.